Developers of Payment Solutions

Finteq develops payment solutions used by banks and financial services utilities in developed and developing markets. The solutions provide for:-

Our solutions provide for:-


Origination of payments either internally within a particular organisation, or externally to other participants in the payment industry.


Capture, collection, processing and reconciliation of payment information


Retention of payment information, to create a comprehensive audit trail and repository of transactions, enabling the resolution of subsequent enquires and disputes.

Finteq is a leading software development company that specialises in developing payment solutions used in the financial services sector in developed and developing markets.

Finteq has grown steadily from a small startup in 2005 into a company of over 55 employees, developing solutions for more than 35 customers in 14 countries.

Finteq enables financial institutions to address the challenge of interoperability between proprietary and legacy systems as well as payment management and processing, together with tracking and auditing functionality. The company specialises in advanced workflow solutions for payments origination, national payment systems, payment hubs and cheque truncation systems for participant banks, banking utilities and clearing houses.

It is a Microsoft Gold ISV and adheres to ISO Standards, making its offering robust and interoperable.