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Zimswitch Holds Zeepay Demo For Bankers

[Article originally posted on Techmag by @PEARSON ] Zimswitch Technologies yesterday demonstrated how their new Zeepay system works with bank officials at their offices in Harare. Zeepay is an electronic transacting system for bulk payments to relieve pressure on the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system. The Zeepay system is run in conjuction with a South African company FinTeq […]

Finteq Partners with Zimswitch to Deliver a Domestic Interbank Payment System

[Article originally published on] Leading Software development company, Finteq have announced a giant leap forward for Zimbabwe’s payment system. The company’s most recent deal is with Zimswitch Zimbabwe in order to facilitate the delivery of a modern domestic interbank payment system. Scheduled to be delivered in a series of phases, this system will support […]

Zimbabwe payment systems set for upgrade

[Article originally published on Finextra] Zimbabwe’s payment infrastructure is set to get a major overhaul after the country’s national EFT switch and clearing house called in software shop Finteq to help build an automated clearing house. South Africa’s Finteq and Zimswitch will work on a phased rollout of a system that will support batch processing […]

Resurgence of Payment Hubs

The Clearing House Association (TCA) is a trade group with headquarters in New York. The TCA was formed in 1853 and is the nation’s first banking association that today advocates on regulatory, legislative, and legal public policy issues on behalf of the largest U.S. commercial banks before policymakers, courts of law, and standards setters in […]

Keep up to date with the latest trends in the banking industry

There are many ways to keep up to date with the industry and the myriad changes taking place within it.  Not least of which is simply by making use of Google.  However, most of us are strapped for time and are always on the lookout for a single source of targeted information.  The SADC Banking […]