Finteq Solutions

Payment gateway solutions from Finteq. We are also leaders in workflow solutions across Africa.

Finteq Workflow Solution

An image enabled payment and data origination utility. Supports the controlled entry, validation, recording and reconciliation of routine business transactions to provide clean error free data for subsequent transmission and processing.

Finteq Payment Hub

FPHThe Finteq Payment Engine is a comprehensive payment solution that enables the connection of disparate system entities to enable the interchange of data between such systems in the format/protocol prescribed by each.

Finteq Payment Gateway

Finteq Payment Gateway is a standalone solution which takes care of complex integration and management of file and message transfers between the Clearing House and participant banks.

Finteq Payment Gateway (SADC)

The Finteq Payment Gateway – SADC Solution for cross-border payments has two major components: A capture module that enables the controlled input of payment data as required by the Regulator, and a universal gateway module which ensures the control and compliance of messages and/or files transmitted between participating parties within the SADC cross border payment region.

Finteq Clearing House

The FINTEQ ACH solution is a modular system that provides a comprehensive platform for the interchange and settlement of various payment types between financial institutions participating in a particular clearing and settlement area. The system receives, verifies, converts, enriches, sorts, directs and dispatches transactions to defined destinations.

Finteq Archival Solution

The Finteq Archival Solution (FAS) provides a convenient repository for the classification, storage and retrieval of transactional data and financial accounting information emanating from the entire range of accounting procedures employed in Banking and the financial services industry.