Data Archiving

Finteq Archival Solution – FAS

Finteq Data Archiving Solution

Overview of Data Archiving

Data archiving allows you to store data in a secure and convenient location. This data can be retrieved whenever required.

A ‘Data Archive’ provides:

  • classification and indexing
  • retention and retrieval of data
  • information
  • reports and statements. These may be required to recreate events and activities in response to operational needs and customer enquiries.
  • Conformity to statutory and accounting prescriptions. These dictate that organisations keep certain documents for particular periods of time

Archival services provide the ability to index data for efficient retrieval. Search features enable the extraction and presentation of stored data. .

Finteq Archival Solution Overview

The Finteq Archival Solution (FAS) provides a convenient repository for:

  • indexing and classification
  • storage
  • retrieval

of a bank or other financial institution’s transactional data, including financial accounting information.

The system extracts the following from core processing solutions:

  • transactional data
  • document images
  • financial reports and

These are securely retained pending further access.

Physical documents (required for ‘non-financial’ transactions) can be scanned into the system, making using of the Workflow component. This provides permanent records for retrieval as required. These include:

  • new customer/product origination documents
  • power of attorney mandates,
  • customer specimen signatures and
  • other regulatory documents (FICA/KYC)

FAS Access

The Finteq Archival Service is accessed via a web interface. The interface enables the location, identification, and retrieval of information through customisable search criteria. Security is maintained by limiting personal/systemic access to the physical domain. A custom, second level access facility can be provided to enforce user identification and password control. Access and authorised activities are limited to predefined security profiles.

FAS Technology

The Finteq Archival Solution is developed to operate on reliable Microsoft technology. This platform includes Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft SQL and Microsoft .NET Framework.

The FAS is configurable to allow for multiple Microsoft SQL Server instances. This configuration enables load sharing across the different instances, thereby evenly distributing load queries to the archive. By setting load factor configuration on the SQL instances, it is possible to control which SQL instance carries the larger burden of load sharing or to distribute loads evenly.

Disaster Recovery

The solution supports disaster recovery activities through Microsoft SQL Server Replication. Disaster recovery is configurable to allow for replication to happen during off-peak periods or continuously in simultaneous operation. This latter option ensures that information archived is always immediately available.


The Finteq Archival Solution provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for the classification, retention and retrieval of operational information and data deployed within a typical orchestration of Banking systems and procedures. Finteq’s experience in the deployment of archival services makes them well placed to take part in and support complex implementations. In its largest implementation, the solution stores well in excess of 1 billion images in a 40TB repository and provides sub 2-second responses on the LAN.