Finteq Monitoring and Alerting Solution – FMA

The FINTEQ Monitoring and Alert Solution tracks the performance and operations of the various FINTEQ solutions.

Finteq Monitoring and Alerting Solution
The Applications or ‘widgets’ monitor various operations. This can be done locally or remotely. It automatically generates alerts for any variations to the norm. Alerts are dispatched to designated recipients via:

  • SMS,
  • e-mail or
  • using mobile or web applications.

Messages sent by the system can be:

  • to notify that a specific event has occurred, or
  • to provide alerts which require a response to a specific incident.

These messages, and the occurrences associated with them, are recorded in the systems for review and control.

The FINTEQ Monitoring and Alert Solution can be configured to:

  • monitor individual components at a local level, or
  • to cluster/net- work components to provide complete management and control on a centralised basis.

The solution allows custom trigger alerts and messages.

Monitoring can take place at various levels, including:

  • Application performance monitoring.
  • Network monitoring (status of network availability, speed of operation, component failure).
  • Business transaction monitoring to manage productivity and performance.

The FINTEQ Monitoring and Alert Solution also integrates with most corporate monitoring systems. In this case, alerts and messages are triggered by the solution but dispatched by the corporate monitoring system.

System Features

  • Widgets – Software applications embedded in Finteq solutions to monitor and trigger alerts for operational anomalies.
  • Settings – User defined standards used to identify abnormal operations/activities.
  • Alerts – Trigger mechanisms generated by an invalid or incorrect system operation.
  • Notifications – Advice of incidents dispatched to prescribed recipients via selected media. This could be SMS, eMail, Mobile, Web Applications.

Key Benefits

  • Modular design allowing integration with existing monitoring systems.
  • Commonly used alternative communications platforms – GSM, Mobile and Web Apps.
  • Real time advice of events and anomalies to designated parties.
  • Remote access for the advice and repair of anomalous operational incidents.


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