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Finteq – Always evolving to ensure we stay ahead

Finteq is known as the leader in the evolution of modernised interoperable payment systems.

In keeping with our ethos and our drive to innovate at the rapid pace of the technology revolution, our systems must continue to evolve ahead of anticipated changes, challenges, trends and developments.

This has cemented Finteq as a trusted service in the banking industry. Our approach has not only streamlined local and international payment processes but above all else, creating an ecosystem of tight safety protocols, protecting our clients and end-users by predicting and delivering at the highest standard.

As the industry anticipates the need for strong data capture, processing and recovery, we have been at the forefront; providing a solid structure of support through the migration and compliance to newer standards, such as ISO 20022.

These developments have meant that our brand has warranted an evolution of its own.

A brand that reflects professional efficiency, simplifies the communication around the complex nature of interoperable payment systems and addresses an elegant strategy in delivering results and integrating various key players and platforms on multiple levels.

In communicating our service offerings to the banking sector, our brand has developed into a modernised identity. While the foundations and cornerstones continue to uphold and strengthen our core operations, it is time that we rebrand ahead of South Africa’s ISO 20022 international integration.

We are, therefore extremely proud to announce our refreshed, new look, which has, in turn, provided an ideal opportunity for us to adapt and align, modernise our messaging, streamline our communications and fortify the recognition of our superior products.

Our rebrand is both horizontal and vertical, with each of our products receiving an upgrade in individual identity, too.

While a common thread of brand recognition between products makes them undeniably part of the Finteq services, each exists independently and unapologetically as the core pillars that drive our overall service.

Across the board, we have painstakingly analysed brand trends and developed each communication intersection in such a manner that they will remain relevant for years to come.

This applies very much to the public domain, such as our website, to ensure transparency and the understanding of banking developments to both interested parties as well as the general public.

While we can delve deeper into our reasonings behind such a move, we feel that, if ever, this is an opportune time to grow our name in the marketplace.

The end result of a spectacular team effort speaks for itself and we encourage you to take a moment to view our new site to get the best experience of where we, together with our clients, are taking Finteq.

Finteq has always prided itself on being forward-thinking and applying that foresight practically.

Although ultimately inevitable, this brand evolution couldn’t have come any sooner and with the ground-breaking weight of undeniable momentum in the sector, we are pleased to see that our brand is communicating our dedication to remaining predictive and supportive throughout the massive changes that lie ahead.

Want to know more?

Finteq has grown steadily from a small start-up in 2005 into a company of over 45 employees, developing solutions in over 13 countries.

Finteq enables financial institutions to address the challenge of interoperability between proprietary and legacy systems as well as payment management and processing, together with tracking and auditing functionality. We specialise in advanced workflow solutions for payments origination, national payment systems, payment hubs and cheque truncation systems for participant banks, banking utilities and clearinghouses.

Finteq is a Microsoft Gold ISV and we adhere to ISO Standards, making our offering robust and interoperable. Finteq develops payment solutions used by banks and financial services utilities throughout Africa.

We enable financial institutions to address the challenge of interoperability between proprietary and legacy systems as well as payment management and processing, together with tracking and auditing functionality.

Speak to us to find out how your business can benefit from our unique outstanding solutions today.